Private gourmet picnic
in an Icelandic cave?

There are food experiences you love, and then there are food experiences so unusual, evocative and memorable they're likely to be the topic of conversation for a lifetime. The Westman Islands off the southern coast of Iceland is home to such an experience: a rugged archipelago filled with birds, flora and avid local fishermen.

A spectacular secret cave only accessible by sea awaits you, with an authentic culinary experience inside. Fresh ingredients from the local farms and fishermen will supply a fine feast prepared by a Westman star chef.  This is the ultimate Icelandic gourmet experience for families, friends or colleagues.

Ode to Joy experiences can be arranged as individual events but are ideally suited to be part of a longer stay in Europe on a truly tailor-made journey

Private speedboat transfer to the Westman islands

Enter a magnificent water cave, reachable only by sea

Picnic tables are set up and prepared for an Icelandic feast by a Westman chef

We can even arrange musical performances inside the cave

Dine on refined Icelandic food, for health and vitality


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